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Policies & Procedures


  1. All sessions will be set by the Client with consideration of Make Your Statement, LLC's schedule.

  2. All sessions will begin and end promptly at the agreed-upon time.

  3. The first five minutes of every session will be used to discuss the Client's desired outcome for the session.

  4. The last five minutes of every session will be used to wrap up and/or set "action items" for the Client to work on until their next session.

  5. Please read the No-Show Policy and Late Arrival Policy on the Cancellation & Rescheduling page of this website.


  1. All payments are due at the time of booking.

  2. Payments will be paid directly to Make Your Statement, LLC by credit or debit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.

  3. Make Your Statement, LLC does not accept cash, checks, Venmo, Zelle or any other form of online payment that is not listed within this policy.

  4. When booking a new session or class, all payments must be made through or

  5. Payments for teams, groups, multi-hour sessions or reoccurring individual sessions will be invoiced in advance and must be paid 48 hours before the session begins. 

  6. Make Your Statement, LLC may postpone or terminate a session or workshop if there’s an outstanding balance prior to the scheduled session time.

Call-in Procedure for Sessions Held Over the Phone

  1. The Client will call 1-773-234-4131 for each session.

  2. It is the Client's responsibility to call the Coach at the scheduled time.

  3. If, for any reason, the call does not go through, leave a voicemail and then a text. Make Your Statement, LLC call you back immediately.

  4. Make Your Statement, LLC will not call or send a reminder text or email if the Client is late for a session.

  5. Please read the No-Show Policy and Late Arrival Policy on the Cancellation & Rescheduling page of this website.

Policy for Sessions Held Via Zoom

Due to the nature of coaching done via Zoom video conferencing:

  1. The Client understands reliable internet is necessary for all Zoom sessions to maintain a good connection.

  2. The Client agrees to be in a physical space with limited distractions and background noise.

  3. The Client agrees to have good lighting on their face and limit backlight as much as possible.

  4. Make Your Statement, LLC's preference is for the Client to join the Zoom session via computer, laptop, or tablet that stands upright. If the Client is going to use the Zoom app on their phone, the Client agrees to prop the phone upright so the Client's hands are free to move and so the Coach can properly see the Client.

  5. The Client understands, depending on the nature of the work, the Coach may ask the Client to practice presenting standing up, or in a seated position, as the Coach is looking at body language in addition to listening to the voice and message.

  6. The Client has the option for the Zoom session to be recorded. Please see the "Recording Zoom Sessions Policy"  on this page.

Call-in Procedure for Sessions Held Via Zoom

The Client agrees to download the necessary free Zoom program to their laptop or computer and/or free Zoom Cloud Meeting app to their tablet or phone.

The Client will not need to create a Zoom account to join the meeting.

Make Your Statement, LLC will email the Client a link before their first session.

If the Client chooses to coach with Make Your Statement, LLC for more than one session, the same link will be used for each session.

To join the Zoom session via laptop or computer click on the link sent via email.

If for any reason it doesn't automatically connect you to the meeting, you can click, "Join a Meeting" and enter the Meeting ID sent to you via email.

To join the Zoom session via smartphone or tablet click the link sent via email. It should automatically join you to the conference call. If you're on a phone, you may need to also dial in so we can hear each other. The phone # to dial is 1-646-558-8656 and then enter the Meeting ID sent via email.

Recording Zoom Sessions Policy

  • If the session is being hosted via Zoom, participants have the option to have Make Your Statement, LLC record the session.

  • When booking your session, if you check the box that you'd like the Zoom session recorded, you agree and consent to be recorded.

  • Make Your Statment, LLC will upload the recording to a private, shared online folder between you and Make Your Statement, LLC.

  • You also agree and understand the use of the recording is for training purposes only and guarantee you will not to share its content with anyone or upload it anywhere without Make Your Statement, LLC's express written permission.

  • Session recordings will be viewable for 30 days and then deleted.

Zoom Recording Policy
Phone Session Procedure
Zoom Session Policy
Zoom Session Procedure
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