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Michigan's Premier Professional Development Specialist


Kendra Kingsbury facilitates and supports the professional growth of individuals and teams using effective communication and authentic delivery methods grounded in her performing arts background. 

Coaching for Professional Development is an interactive professional service – offered both virtually and in-person – designed to help individuals and teams strengthen their messaging, maximize their potential, and achieve their goals.

Benefits of Coaching for Professional Development

  • Improve performance

  • Communicate effectively

  • Sharpen your message

  • Cultivate connections

  • Build confidence

  • Increase your competitive advantage

  • Grow leadership skills

  • Make your statement in the workplace


Benefits of Coaching for Team Development

  • Strengthen overall communication

  • Boost sales and productivity

  • Elevate the company's message

  • Edge out competitors

  • Build rapport among team members

  • Make your statement on the world

  • Achieve the goals you set

  • Learn effective time management skills

  • Transform limiting mindsets

  • Deepen self-awareness

  • Own your voice – both figuratively and literally

  • Make your statement in life

Benefits of Coaching for Personal Development

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